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xtras - Silversmithing Basics(Private Classes & Mentoring) x

xtras - Silversmithing Basics(Private Classes & Mentoring) x

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Launching my first in-person, one-on-one, private classes in my studio just outside of Portland, Oregon. I had planned to offer this prior to the pandemic, then we moved. Now that I'm finally settled in, it's time.

Class will cover all you need to know to begin silversmithing on your own, or mentoring for newer smiths. Included is all materials(silver and stones), list of tools and suppliers, and ongoing support from me. 

Classes will be hourly at $50/hr for one on one private instruction. My schedule is open to most weekends, and I'll work with you to find the dates that work with your schedule.

We will cover all the basics to get you comfortable and confident to begin silversmithing on your own, or help you acquire new skills if you've already been smithing a bit.

Some of what we'll cover:

measuring and sizing

torches and gases






bench tools

stone setting


finding your unique style

and much more

NO Prior Experience Required

Prerequisites: an eagerness to learn, a sense of humor, an understanding that I'm self-taught and there are a hundred different ways to do any task and my way is not necessarily the "proper" way just because it works for me, ability to use caution when working with sharp tools and fire, and desire to have fun.

To begin, simply purchase at least a 2 hour block of time as an intro meeting, and we can discuss and schedule more time from there.




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