x To Live Is To Fly: WINGED Ring - (size 8/8.25) .70 Carat Salt & Pepper Diamond in Solid 14K Gold

x To Live Is To Fly: WINGED Ring - (size 8/8.25) .70 Carat Salt & Pepper Diamond in Solid 14K Gold

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This ring was entirely handfabricated and delicately hand push engraved last year, and was my first solid ring I made. It's such a special ring and something I'm quite proud of. 

It features a round .70 carat Salt & Pepper Diamond, responsibly and ethically sourced from Misfit Diamonds. I created a six prong crown setting to lift and showcase it's beauty, and sits between two wingtips of a band I made from melting and milling my own 14k gold, then was meticulously formed, textured and hand push engraved the fine details of the wing feathers. A true labor of love and this piece feels like such a partnof me. I've held onto it as a reminder of what I'm capable of, and as a symbol of soaring beyond perceived limitations.

If you look very closely or understand Diamond settings, I positioned and set the culet(bottom point of a diamond), exactly centered in the windows of the crown setting. Something I learned from the best of the best fancy stone setters at New Approach School. It's not easy and takes skill and a steady hand. But, the result is a beautifully set diamond.

Total ring weight is 5.05 grams or .178 ounces. The winged band is substantial, hard and therefore will retain It's shape and form.

Size 8.25 on my ring mandrel and feels like a comfortable 8. Cannot be resized.

The inside is stamped with my M.NYXA makers mark and 925 for STERLING.

As always, this ring was fastidiously made and all edges were meticulously filed, sanded and polished buttery smooth.

Please think of this piece of jewelry as wearable art and treat it as such. Also, please see my jewelry care section. The piece was made to stand the test of time. If properly cared for, it will become an heirloom to pass down to many generations.

Ready to ship and will be fully insured, and come gift boxed and packaged with care. Please be aware that if you aren't going to be home when the package is scheduled to arrive, it's best to make arrangements ahead of time.

***All my jewelry photos are taken in natural, outdoor light. No filters, no touch ups, no enhancements or manipulations of any kind are used, so as to represent each and every piece as close to reality as possible.

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