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x BLACK SWAN NECKLACE - Apache Gold in Fine and Sterling Silver

x BLACK SWAN NECKLACE - Apache Gold in Fine and Sterling Silver

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This statement necklace feels like I hit a new stride with my vision and dogged persistence as both an artist and an artisan. My Black Swan Hidden Dagger necklace is daring and dangerous, with a wingspan of 5" and a hidden sterling silver dagger that would easily take an eye out or more.

Note: the dagger is VERY pointy, but I did NOT edge sharpen it like a real blade. Yet, it will easily poke, puncture and injure. But, it won't slice your fingers off. It's for aesthetic purposes only. Please use caution while handling and wearing.

This piece was entirely hand forged and hand fabricated from 20 gauge sterling silver sheet, fine silver and sterling wire. It's a solid piece of jewelry at total of 3 ounces. Many, many hours and attention to detail went into the design and fabrication. 

Please note this is a large statement sized necklace. The swan's wings are 5" wide and 4" long from beak to tail, and it's head and neck are also the handle to the hidden dagger, which slides in and out of the sheath effortlessly. 

The sheath is located on the backplate and I formed it to precisely fit the dagger blade, and gave it bright mirror polish and stamped with my LUPANYXA makers marks and STERLING.

The long Apache Gold cabochon was cut and cabbed here at our home studio with Oregon rainwater by my partner and 3rd generation Lapidarist Max Avila. I set it in a fine silver bezel setting. I absolutely love working with his cabochons because by working together, he has truly come to know how to create perfect profiles for stone setting. That, aside from his natural abiltiy for finding the most interesting and exceptional rocks to work with.

This necklace design is much like a shield style necklace, as it sits flat and best worn on center of the chest, well below clavicle to allow for the height of the swan's head/dagger handle. Note, due to the wing design, they can get caught on knit fabrics etc. Please use care and caution if you choose to wear this necklace while out in the world.

As always, all edges were meticulously filed, sanded and polished buttery smooth. 

Most of the chain length was hand fabricated from sterling wire into swan-like 'S' links. The ends that wrap around the neck I added textured oval chain for comfort, as well as a swivel style lobster clasp for security. This chain is long enough for anyone to wear at the center chest and is adjustable to any shorter length simply by hooking the clasp to any of the chain links.

Please think of this necklace as a piece of wearable art and treat it as such. It's more of a collector piece and not made for strenuous activity and caution is required while wearing. More of a special occasion piece of jewelry.

See my jewelry care section for proper handling and care. If properly handled and cared for, it will become an heirloom to pass down to many generations.

Ready to ship and will be fully insured, and come gift boxed and packaged with care. Please be aware that if you aren't going to be home when this package is scheduled to arrive, it's best to make arrangements ahead of time.

***All my jewelry photos are taken in natural, outdoor light. No filters, no touch ups, no enhancements or manipulations of any kind are used, so as to represent each and every piece as close to reality as possible.

Payment plans are available via Shop Pay Installments at checkout. 

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