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x PHOENIX RISING::Statement Necklace - Handcrafted with Rosarita and Carnelian in All Fine and Sterling Silver

x PHOENIX RISING::Statement Necklace - Handcrafted with Rosarita and Carnelian in All Fine and Sterling Silver

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The mythology of the Rising Phoenix Φοίνιξ made an impact on me early in my life. I grew up in a very, very Greek family, and my grandfather would read all sorts of mythology story books to me and the tale of the phoenix stood out among them. Since then, the phoenix rising from the ashes has been a repeating theme all my life. I feel as if I'm made of fire and was even born on "the day of dogged persistence". I poured all that fire into this necklace. I know there are many of you out there, who also relate with this story. We are fire.

This statement necklace/shield/breastplate was completely hand fabricated and handcrafted from Fine and Sterling Silver sheet and wire, by my two hands. It's my most elaborate piece to date, and I couldn't be more delighted with the result.

At the center is old stock, flame-like Rosarita slag glass cabochon set in a toothy sterling silver bezel. It was cut and cabbed right here at home by my partner and 2nd generation lapidarist, Maxamillion Avila.  I also set two natural, rose cut Carnelian in toothy bezels at the tips of the wings where they connect to the chain. They catch and reflect the light beautifully.

This necklace is quite large and much like a shield with a wingspan of just over 4.5" wide, and the phoenix's body measuring 4" in length. Note: I'm 6 ft tall and have angular shoulders, so this necklace will look larger on smaller frames, than it does on me in these photos. I love the larger size of this piece, but want to be clear that it's ultra statement sized.

The chain was hand fabricated from where it attaches to the phoenix and up to where it curves around the neck. It's slightly adjustable by hooking the clasp to any of the links. I added my favorite heavier rolo chain just to where it drapes around the back of the neck, for added comfort and adjustability. I'm very sensitive and picky when it comes to chain and comfort of jewelry, and always do my best to make sure these larger, heavier necklaces feel good to wear. It has a swivel style lobster clasp for added security and durability.

The body of the phoenix was cut from 19 gauge sterling silver sheet, and the layers of flame feathers were cut one at a time by hand from fine and silver and sterling sheet, and pattern wire. The breast of the phoenix that surrounds the Rosarita has a textured pattern I created with my rolling mill. This piece was made from several layers of silver and is highly detailed.

I filed, sanded and polished all edges smooth to the touch, so as to help this piece not snag or scratch the wearer. Still, care must be taken with this necklace to avoid getting it caught on clothing. Meaning avoid wearing knits etc.

The back plates is polished to a satin finish to help it from sticking to skin, as a mirror polish would. It's stamped with my LUPANYXA makers marks and STERLING. 

This necklace weighs in at a total of 3.6 ounces, and the phoenix alone is 3 ounces of silver before I added the stones or chain.

All Sterling and Fine Silver.

Please think of this necklace as a piece of wearable art and treat it as such. See my jewelry care section for proper handling and care of my jewelry. If properly handled and cared for, this necklace will age beautifully. I sealed the darker areas of patina with a finish seal and polished the higher areas of silver with a museum grade wax called Renaissance Wax.. This helps to keep the fine and sterling from oxidizing too quickly. 

Ready to ship and will be fully insured for total value, and come gift boxed and packaged with care. Please be aware that if you aren't going to be home when this package is scheduled to arrive, it's best to make arrangements ahead of time.

***All my jewelry photos are taken in natural, outdoor light. No filters, no touch ups, no enhancements or manipulations of any kind are used, so as to represent each and every piece as close to reality as possible.

Payment plans are available via Shop Pay Installments at checkout. 

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