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x POPPY CLAWS Cuff - Baltic Amber in Heavy Sterling Silver size M to M/L

x POPPY CLAWS Cuff - Baltic Amber in Heavy Sterling Silver size M to M/L

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The is my new absolute favorite piece of jewelry I've made to date, and I'm so proud of how she turned out. It's very tempting to keep here forever. This cuff weighs in at 4.3 ounces of recycled Fine and Sterling Silver and with the Baltic Amber it's 4.4 ounces. I never hold back on using silver and always aim to create substantial, strong pieces that are wearable and will stand the test of time. As a result, this cuff is sturdy as f*ck. I also recylce, melt, mill, cut, file and form the silver myself by hand.

A lot of labor and love went into this cuff. It started with cleaning and recycling the silver, then making molds of the actual badger claw specimen. Then I cast them myself here at our home workshop. I taught myself to cast a while back, and it was no easy task. So much work goes into the whole process. Those badger claws surround the amber like a fierce protector.

I hand fabricated and forged the poppies that adorn the offset, from sterling sheet and scrap silver in an asymmetrical setting. I absolutely love how these poppies turned out, as they're so incredibly textural and sculptural. 

This cuff features a very fiery, natural Baltic Amber cabochon from my wonderful supplier in Lithuania, set in a serrared sterling sver bezel.

I formed the bracelet part of the cuff from heavy half round sterling wire, and the center wire is slightly more narrow. I added hammer texture to all three and love the look of it. The openings are both adorned with two more of my badger claws, and the inside ends at the opening are layered with double half round wire in a design I create that helps keep heavy cuffs secure to the wrist, as well as making it very comfortable to wear. I'm very sensitive to uncomfortable jewelry especially cuffs, so I make every effort to ensure my pieces feel good to wear and sit well. All edges were meticulously filed, sanded and polished buttery smooth.

The face of the cuff measures 2 3/4" in length and 1 3/4" wide. It tapers to 1" at the ends/opening, where there are two more of my badger claws in opposing, yin yang directions.

This cuff is my Med to Med/Large, meaning it fits my 6.5" wrists perfectly with a tiny bit of extra room which feels just right. The inside total circumference is 6 3/4" including the 1 1/8" gap/opening. It would best fit wrists 6.5' to 6.75" maximum. It cannot be resized, so please know your wrist or measure very carefully by loosly wrapping a string or ribbon around your wrist, then measuring.

The back plate is pattern textured with a trillium design and stamped with my LUPANYXA makers marks and STERLING.

This is a well made, one-of-a-kind piece of sculptural, wearable art and heirloom jewelry. Every component hand forged and created by hand here at our little home studio. I'm so proud of this piece.

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***All my jewelry photos are taken in natural, outdoor light. No filters, no touch ups, no enhancements or manipulations of any kind are used, so as to represent each and every piece as close to reality as possible.

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