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XX//The Poisoner's Perfume Ring - Green Amber in All Sterling Silver size 10 - 10 1/2

XX//The Poisoner's Perfume Ring - Green Amber in All Sterling Silver size 10 - 10 1/2

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Ever since I was child, I've been obsessed with poison rings. This ring is a result of that as well as reaching a place where I can freestyle this kind of design, from my imagination into the silver. Completely hand fabricated from sterling silver sheet and wire and one-of-a-kind. I'm so in love with the result, and have decided that I want to make poison rings ongoing, since figuring out my own way to create them. They do require quite a bit of time, steady hands and mental gymnsatics. But, problem solving and challenging myself is what I love most about making jewelry.

This big beauty features bright green Baltic Amber with a bit of the natural cognac. The green color is achieved by putting the natural amber into a kiln and firing it to a temperature that turns it green. All my amber is from my wonderful supplier in Lithuania and all certified authentic Baltic Amber. It's set in a hand cut sterling bezel and surrounded with textured wire. 

The amber sits atop a hand formed sterling pillbox style container with a hand formed hinge and clasp that hold the top secure. I sized this ring specifically to hold the solid locket perfumes from one of my favorite botanical Perfumers, For Strange Women. If you would like to use this ring to hold their solid perfumes, there are several scents available on their website. This ring can also hold a variety of other things, from vitamins to dried flowers or just about anything that will fit in it's generous well.

Note, since this ring has moving parts, it does and will rattle a bit. But, it stays closed and whatever is inside stays inside.

This is definitely a statement sized ring and sits tall. It's best worn on an index or middle finger, so make sure it's a size you know won't be too loose, or it may turn on your finger. It measures just over size 10 on my ring mandrel, but the band I designed is tricky to measure due to it's outer wrap around wires. I wear a 10 on my index and middle fingers, and it's loose on me. It definitely feels like a 10 1/4 to 10 1/2. So if that's a size you wear, you're in luck.

The shank/band is a triple split style that also wraps around the base of the ring. It was formed from my favorite ring wire, with the softest edges and I added lots of texture. It's SO comfortable, and the space between the wire allows skin underneath to breathe. Something very important to me when wearing large statement rings.

All edges were meticulously filed, sanded and polished to a smooth, buttery finish as always. I make sure nothing ever snags or catches.

The back plate is textured and stamped with my LUPANYXA makers marks and STERLING.

The face of the ring is 1 1/4"  × 1 1/4" wide and sits 7/8" in height from the back plate/inside to the top of the amber crown.

Size 10 1/2 *this ring cannot be resized due to the nature of the design.

Please think of this piece as wearable art and treat it as such. See my jewelry care section for proper handling and care. If properly handled and cared for, it will age beautifully and become an heirloom.

Be kind to the hinge and latches, as they are formed from more delicate silver than the rest of the ring.

Ready to ship and will be fully insured, and come gift boxed and packaged with care. Please be aware that if you aren't going to be home when this package is scheduled to arrive, it's best to make arrangements ahead of time.

***All my jewelry photos are taken in natural light or lightbox. No filters, no touch ups, no enhancements or manipulations of any kind are used, so as to represent each and every piece as close to reality as possible.

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